Hög kvalitet från Viking.

Viking Desco Yoke
"The Desco helmet yoke attaches to the helmet ring by folding over the ring, and being held in place by a large rubber ring which is supplied with the helmet. No latex neck seal attached for use as a freeflow design (no suit valves). If the suit is being used as a demand set up (with suit valves) , then a latex neck seal should be fitted to the suit underneath the yoke."

Pris med installation: 1 759:- ex moms (standard)
Pris med installation: 2 738:- ex moms (HDS-material)

Viking AH3 / AH5 Yoke
"The AH3 / AH5 yoke is available in 2 different lengths, and with or without drip collars inside. The short version also fits to the Smolsky helmet. The yoke features a series of internal grooves which create the sealing area between the helmet and the yoke. No latex neck seal attached for freeflow (no suit valves) versions. Latex neck seal should be attached to the suit under the yoke if used as a demand version (with valves). Available in standard or HDS materials."

Pris med installation: 2 460:- ex moms (standard)
Pris med installation: 2 812:- ex moms (inkl invändig droppkrage)
Pris med installation: 2 921:- ex moms (kort version "Smolsky" inkl droppkrage)

Viking Superlite 27 Yoke
"Fits to the helmets SL 27, SL 37, SL 47, SL 17K, SL 17C. Available in standard rubber and HDS material. Black only.

The SL 27 yoke fits a wide range of Kirby Morgan helmets with a similar neck ring clamping system. The yoke fits in between 2 split rings by way of hexagon headed screws. Kirby Morgan recently legthened these screws from 1/2" to 9/16" for maximum thread engagement."

Pris med installation: 1 812:- ex moms (standard)
Pris med installation: 2 700:- ex moms (HDS-material)

Viking Superlite 17 Yoke
"The SL 17A & SL 17B helmet yoke includes a latex neck seal fitted onto the yoke. This yoke features a locating hole at the back, and 2 fitting tabs at the front."

Pris med installation: 2 546:- ex moms (standard)
Pris med installation: 3 276:- ex moms (HDS-material)

Viking Genesis 11 Yoke
Pris med installation: 3 372:- ex moms (standard)
Pris med installation: 3 814:- ex moms (HDS-material)

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